A Wonderful Baby Boy Gift Is Presented As A Gift Basket

As you celebrate the birth of a precious little boy, choosing a baby boy gift item may be harder than you think. You want the gift to be unique and different than the other gifts he will receive. Even after you have found just the right gift, you will still be faced with how to present it to him. A wonderful idea is to give your baby boy gift in a gift basket. These are lovely to present to the parents of the newborn baby boy.

Buy A Gift Basket Online Or Make It Yourself

It’s fun to go online and find just the perfect gift basket for that special little boy. There is a wide selection of choices available for your shopping pleasure. Or perhaps, you are creative and like the idea of making the gift basket yourself. After filling the basket with unique hand picked items, add white flowers to the top and a big blue bow. A perfect baby boy gift ready to present!

As you consider what items to use to stick in as extra little treats, you’ll find all types of basket fillers online or at your local department store. New babies like to be cuddles so don’t forget to include something super soft for the delightful experience of holding the little guy. You can never go wrong including a blanket in your baby boy gift basket. Include one that is super soft and snuggly and will be able to help keep the little guy warm.

A Bottle Blankie Makes A Creative Gift Idea

A really creative gift idea for the new baby boy is a bottle blankie. It snuggles the bottle and keeps the milk warm while the baby is drinking. These soft little blankets are helpful and add a sense of security for the baby. This type of gift also makes a nice and thoughtful christening present. It isn’t your average type of gift and so will be appreciated, all the more, by the parents. It may even be customized to make it a more special baby boy gift.

Give A Gift That’s Age Appropriate

Consider the baby’s age when choosing his gift. The gift will differ if it’s for a newborn baby as verses a toddler. Be sure to give a gift that is age appropriate. For a baby, things like diapers and lotions and creams as well as diaper wipes are truly appreciated by the parents.

Being Present and Alert: What Does This Mean?

What are the advantages in our life of being present and alert? Why it is important to have these qualities in our life and what does it feel like. Often people say, it is not what you are doing that is important, it is what you are being.

Being awake and alert is something we take for granted as our natural state of consciousness.

There are many advantages to becoming conscious of this state of being, for a few minutes each day. Being conscious of that inner state of being, feeling the presence of the electromagnetic field of energy that permeates our physical body and forms the aura around the body, is very important.

By becoming aware and conscious of this field of energy, we set up feedback loops which help to increase its presence and strengthen the flow.

So what does it feel like to be present?

After reading this, try closing your eyes. Allow your awareness to settle, and relax. Look within yourself and, using your feelings, see if you can feel the energy flow within your body. See if you can feel or become aware of the presence of the aura around the body.

You may feel this in many different ways.

If you look deeply within yourself you may feel the inner bliss, the liveliness within the silence. If you smile you may feel the energies flow in a different way around the body and face. If you become conscious of your breathing, you may feel the life force coming in with each inbreath.

You may become conscious of the various flows of energy around your body: the flow which causes your lungs to expand and contract; the flow which pulses to create your heartbeat.

You may become aware that strong thoughts may cause a physical sensation or pulling in the flesh somewhere.

There are many ways to become self-aware. It is more the process of self-awareness that is important: the turning of consciousness back on itself to gain self-knowledge.

All things in the universe display intelligence, have orderliness within them. But it takes the human mind to turn this intelligence back on itself: by becoming self-aware, to convert this intelligence into intelligentness.

By becoming self-aware we become intelligent and can make choices. Also, it is only when we become aware of our gifts that we can start to use them.

If you get good at this process of self-awareness, you may start to become aware of the matrix that makes up your flesh and bones.

Become aware of the layers of energy and their energy fields at the level of the organs, cells, molecules and atoms of your body and their associated levels of awareness.

You may transcend matter altogether and become aware of the light body that interacts with the zero-point energy of space itself, which permeates all things.

You may realise that you are this space, the life force itself, and not the physical body at all. You are the eternal continuum of life, which is unmanifest and non-changing: the silent witness to all that happens in your life.

You may choose to take the awareness out of the physical body altogether and go astral travelling around the universe, flowing into and out of the various dimensions.

You may realise that you can look through the eyes of an insect on a wall in a far distant land and do remote viewing. You may choose to become conscious of what is in the next room and effectively just walk through the wall with your awareness.

When your awareness is within the quantum field of space, the zero-point energy or neutral energy, you have total freedom. This is a field of all possibilities and you are only limited by your own creativity and imagination. You have become aware of yourself and mastered yourself.

Home Entertaining and Catering Presentations

When you entertain at your home, it’s easy to show your food in beautiful bowls or on gorgeous platters. If you take food to someone else’s home, most people bring food in disposable plastic or aluminum containers. Plastic and aluminum are not usually eye-popping and your food doesn’t stand out until they taste it. No matter what dishes are used, presentation will make all the difference in the impression that your table will make.

Presentation can mean many things: table cloths, centerpieces, food holders, table accessories. 

1.   Let’s talk table cloths. These can be plain white or colored for the occasion. They can be a single layer or overlaid lace. You can put boxes or other sturdy items under the cloth to elevate some food above others. Food can be grouped on different color cloths for division; ie… a Christmas party may have appetizers on green cloths, entrĂ©es on red, desserts on gold and drinks on white.

2.      As for centerpieces, these can be flowers, candles, fountains, themed vases/pitchers, tiered holders for theme items (such as baby accessories at a baby shower). Your imagination makes these opportunities endless.

3.     Food holders can be a mix of things. I use my cream dishes for an elegant look. But, the majority of my parties use colored aluminum, colored plastic wrap, or non-disposable plastic serving items; all of which give a thoroughly delightful look to a table. Plastic serving items are light, colorful and easy to transport.

4.      Table accessories are unlimited. These can be colorful utensils, name placards for menu items, cut fruit/veggies for eating/displaying, clever holders for silver/plastic ware, or nonsensical theme items (holiday decorations, special salt/pepper shakers, little gifts for guests to take home) placed around the food.

However you wish to display the table, use a theme or color scheme and your guests will rave over the food and presentation. Oooh’s and aahhh’s are just as good as getting paid, well, almost. Please visit my blog at www.homebasedcatering.blogspot.com.