Losing Your Head In a Negotiation Can Be Deadly

Do you ever lose your head in a negotiation? Most people have done so at one point or another. Losing your head can come in the form of not addressing a situation such that you maximize it. It can come in the form of saying something that alienates the other negotiator. It can even come in the form of implementing the wrong strategy. Regardless of the cause, it can be deadly. The point is, when you lose your head, get it back into the negotiation as quickly as possible. The following are ways to do so.

Understand what caused you to lose your head:

  • Knowing what caused you to lose your head puts you a step ahead of where you’d be if you were not aware of its cause. Being aware of such allows you to reel your emotions in. What that means is you can mentally shift your perspective. The degree of time it takes to do so will be the defining factor that determines how long your head is out of the negotiation.

Assess the impact of your actions:

  • In some cases, the appearance of losing your head can serve as an advantageous act with some negotiators. It can also be a distant death kneel with others. In either case, if you’re at fault and the cost of repair is not too great, give a reason for your lack of control, apologize and indicate it won’t happen again. Take note of the mental temperature of the other negotiator from that point to determine how he’s settling back to normalcy.

Determine viability of corrective actions:

  • Aligned with ‘Assess the impact… ‘, you can seek the input/advice of the other negotiator as to what he would have you do to make the negotiation better (i.e. as the result of you losing your head). Since a good negotiator always attempts to benefit from any position he finds himself in (i.e. maximize the upside and minimize the downside), seek insight from which you can gain an advantage. At a minimum, you’ll gain insight into the other negotiator’s demeanor and a sense of direction in which he’d like to take the negotiation.

Observe the flow of power:

  • There are several aspects of power that can cause one to feel exhilarated or subjugated. If you feel you have the power in a negotiation and then it’s taken away, especially as the result of something that was unforeseen, you might lose your head. Since power ebbs and flows in a negotiation, if a loss of power is the cause of you becoming dismayed, focus on what you can do to regain it.

The determining factor in one losing one’s head is usually associated with a negative occurrence that was unexpected. The catch-all would be, always expect the unexpected. Since that’s fairyland and we’re dealing with the real world, as you plan for the negotiation think of anything and everything that might cause you to lose your head. Then, prepare to deal with it. You may not think of everything, but to the degree you think of situations that might occur and they do, you’ll be prepared for them. As such you’ll be less likely to lose your head… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

Presentations That Sell – Seven Fatal Flaws and How to Fix Them, Part 3

You are serious about sales and you want to be the poster child for saying it right–so you can repeat your successes and avoid the failures.

Here’s the problem. As technology becomes increasingly complex and every desk becomes a wireless hub, a printing press, a research library and a record archive, it is clear that machines are getting better and better at communicating with each other and people . . . are not.

We now have broader bandwidth, instant connections and wireless access–and nobody talks. We have telecommuting, teleconferencing and automated messaging–and nobody responds. Most PowerPoint presentations are better than Thorazine for putting an audience to sleep and most presenters are a pale imitation of R2D2 whose delivery style could be described as practically giddy by comparison.

It’s time to get real, time to put people back in business, to make person to person connections–the heart of the sales process. So what can you do to make your presentations come alive? Eliminate the third fatal flaw.

You deliver “professionally”.

Hands serenely at your sides or carefully clasped like a member of the choir, you begin with the tried and trite, “Hello. My name is (fill in the blank) from (fill in the blank). Thank you for inviting us to present our (fill in the blank). We’re very excited to be here today representing (fill in the blank) and we have a very exciting presentation to show you. But before I begin, I’d like to introduce my team. This is (fill in the blank) from (fill in the blank). This is (fill in the blank) from (fill in the blank).”

You may think you look professional when in fact, you simply look weird. You may think you sound like a pro when we all understand intuitively that professional speakers are warm, animated and engaging. And if you think anyone in your audience will remember a single name you have recited, you are sadly mistaken.

A brilliant presentation is one that feels to your listeners like a conversation among friends. When friends talk to each other, they look friendly. Real people move easily. They smile often. They tell stories to illustrate important points and they punctuate words with gestures and real, human expression.

If you are presenting “professionally” it’s time to free yourself to be yourself. Be real when you present and your audience will respond with real pleasure. They’ll have found a “friend in the business” which means they will like you. When they like you, you win–because we all know that people buy from people they like.

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