Sending Presents This Christmas

It seems that Christmas adverts are starting to creep on our screens earlier and earlier every year, even at this time of the year shops are filled with Christmas promotions and products. It seems the nation goes into frenzy in the early months of autumn and winter trying to buy there presents earlier than ever. Also as the holiday season approaches many high street shops start raising their prices as they know people will be hammering the stores as soon as the Christmas adverts hit our screens, but there are many ways you can save this Christmas.

One of the main problems with people starting their Christmas buying early, is that the postal service’s start getting rammed as early as October. However there are many solutions to getting your presents around the world reliably and on time and comes in the form of parcel delivery couriers. In the last few years the amount of online parcel companies offering personal and dependable services has increased rapidly. You no longer have to rely on the royal mail to send gifts to your friends and family, or have to wait in hour long queues at the local post office. With parcel couriers you can expect only the most superior service as they know the needs and wants of their customers. With many families having friends and relatives living abroad these days sending their presents via parcel delivery companies is almost essential during the busy seasons.

Sending your presents and packages ahead this Christmas is a clever option as not only will you have ease of mind that your gifts will arrive on time, but the prices of delivery are also a lot cheaper. There will be millions of people looking to send their parcels, cards and letters at Christmas time especially late December so prices will rocket above the norm, and you could end up spending a small fortune just getting your presents to loved ones, before the excess spending on food and decorations. Parcel delivery will be considerably cheaper if you send them earlier. There are so many benefits of using parcel delivery couriers this Christmas, including parcel tracking, personal pickups and even insurance. With so many parcel courier companies now offering service online, you don’t have to look far to find a service that is great for you. Let this Christmas be stress free and sue a parcel courier to send your packages to loved ones around the world.

Pico Pocket Presentation Projectors (Say That Rapidly Thrice)

You saw what happened with the Mp3 music player, the cellular phone, the EeePC, all the things we take for granted right now. When one of them actually makes it to the market, needless to say everyone is aware immediately how the devil is in the specifics – the very first VCRs took forever to load up and begin to play a movie, as well as the picture quality was tolerable at best. Everybody complained of thin as well as sterile music from the very first compact disks as well as Mp3 music players, and how the single-line LCD screens made them extremely hard to make use of. And the first EeePC with the 2GB SSD hard drives unleashed whole series of publication articles regarding how to whittle Windows XP down to fit on them, or better still, give up Windows XP to opt for Ubuntu. In the arena of the pocket presentation projectors, this is where we’re at the moment.

Everything started this past year – computer system peripherals makers began to introduce little projectors the size of a cellular phone. Their own market were the millions of PowerPoint presenting road warriors who need to share graphs and charts with colleagues and business enterprise associates regularly. Digging out the laptop each time as well as having a bunch of people crowd around has been annoying. The image quality was not that great in any way; you can get maybe a boring 3-foot image splashed across a wall, which quickly washed as soon as anyone switched a light on. Hence it had its problems; yet the idea was such a appealing one, that every major add-ons manufacturer started initiatives to get in on the act. What a great idea to market! School kids could regale their friends with a YouTube video clip on the wall; when they were home, they could get into bed, and with the lights turned off, have a good movie played out on the ceiling. The probabilities were endless for these ultra-mini presentation projectors.

So now a year later, the industry is finally settling down on some sort of a sweet spot in selling prices and a minimal level of satisfactory overall performance. They have a completely new name for this particular product also – the pico projector. And there already are two contending standards planned. The first is the category where pico presentation projectors are designed right into a cellphone (just like the LG Expo). And the second is a separate unit, which puts out a superb graphic, with lasers – the Aaxa L1 being the sole example so far. In reality, the LG Expo is the first phone of its kind over here. In Asia, they’ve apparently had it for ages. Which is a shame, because the LG Expo is about the worst possible implementation of this excellent brand new technology. It is less than a hundredth as bright as a regular projector, and the phone is quite hard to utilize. Yet since it is the first of its kind, individuals are guaranteed to buy it for the novelty of it.

The standalone Aaxa L1 is much better; about four times as bright as the LG, and it makes use of lasers, and could connect to almost all kinds of sources. But it merely plays MPG, AVI, WB and ASF and if it’s not the proper file format, you’ll have minor difficulty to deal with. Pico presentation projectors might not have really hit that sweet spot as of this time. But they’re much better than the sweet spot we had last year, and that seems pretty interesting.

Perfect PowerPoint Presentations on Your Mobile or Tablet

If you’ve ever had to give a PowerPoint presentation away from your office, you’ll know that it usually involves dragging a laptop along for the ride, or keeping your fingers crossed that the hardware in place is compatible with your memory stick or version of PowerPoint. With the increasing popularity of smart phones and tablets, how feasible is it to use one of these devices for that all important presentation? There are now various adapters and software applications that promise to make this a reality, so what options are available?

The best strategy for giving a PowerPoint presentation from your mobile or tablet is to create the presentation on a PC or Mac using Microsoft PowerPoint, then use specific viewing software from your mobile device when giving the presentation. You can prepare the slides as normal using your PC or Mac, add as many new slides as required, populating them with text and images where necessary, save your presentation when complete.

Gather together the hardware parts that you’ll need, this will include your mobile or tablet along with any cables and adapters that are required. Most projectors tend to have two types of ports, a digital HDMI or analogue VGA, or possibly both. Newer projectors will probably have both, but older machines are likely to have only a VGA type connection. If you’re giving a presentation away from your home base, make sure you check what type of connection you will need. Apple can supply proprietary adapters for their devices, cables are non- proprietary but may still be required. Android phones and tablets vary, but many come equipped with a mini HDMI adapter which with the correct cable will plug straight in to a HDMI projector port.

The next thing you’ll need to do is install a PowerPoint viewing app on your device. There are a number of different apps depending on your requirements and platform. Quickoffice Pro offer an app for both Apple OS and Android devices. Slide Shark is another app specifically for viewing PowerPoint presentations, it’s currently only available for Apple OS although an Android version is planned.

Once you have found a suitable app for viewing, you will need to load your file onto the mobile device. There are various ways to achieve this, emailing yourself or using flash memory card to copy (if you have one) are popular methods. Alternatively you could use a cloud based solution such as Dropbox or Google Drive, some viewer apps may have the option to upload to an online account.

Now that everything is in place, be sure to test and verify that everything is working as it should. You can connect to a computer monitor to test a VGA connection, or a modern TV will usually allow you to test a HDMI setup. Open your PowerPoint file and press play within your presentation application and away you go.

Next time you have to give a presentation, especially if it involves travelling some distance, consider whether you actually need to bring your laptop, with the right connectors and software you could give a full sized presentation from a smaller portable device.